It’s true that the stretch marks are very commonly seen in the boys and girls at the time of their puberty. And there are number of boys and girls who start worrying and working against them. The working against stretch marks means that they start working in order to get rid of them. These processes always make them very frustrated. But at this young age not number of almost every boy and girl feels that he or she has been alone left in this problem and feel cheated as most of their efforts to remove them does not help them. But the fact is no boy or girl is alone with this problem. This problem is one which is faced by almost every boy and girl at this point of age because every boy and girl has been attaining puberty. Puberty is not only one thing which leads to the formation of such ugly stretch marks. Stretch marks occur when anyone is gaining or loosing the body weight very rapidly. There are number of boys and girls who gain weight very frequently or very speedily at the time of puberty which leads to the stretch marks.

Although our skin is so made or designed that it can stretch to some extent very easily but the problem is over stretching is dangerous and leads to the very ugly appearing stretch marks. So our opinion is that in any stage if any one of you experience stretch marks then he or she does not feel low and try to tackle with the problem with cool mind. This is because he or she is not the one who is suffering from the problem alone. But observations said or depicted that the women get or attains stretch marks much more easily compared to the boys. This is really shocking that women get much stretch marks compared to the men or boys. And another fact is that women are much more serious to remove these stretch marks as compared to the men.

These stretch marks are very common on the thighs, under arms, breasts and on waste. But numbers of times these stretch marks appear on the upper parts of our body. But number of doctors or physician says that the puberty is not a primary reason for the stretch marks. One can get stretch marks because of number of other reasons. The reasons could be the gaining of the weight rapidly the other reason can be if one is doing body building the lifting of weight can cause stretch marks and losing weight. These are the reasons or you can say the causes of developing stretch marks. These marks are also very definite during the pregnancy.

These marks really look so ugly at the beginning they may be of red color but later thy may fade up to turn purple and later they may turn to be white. Later they will get faded completely leaving a thin line behind on your skin making it ugly.

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